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Network access

 Creating and changing a password for network access  

This change can be done over remote network  (access to your university e-mail)

Basic information

  • All UCT Prague computer network users have assigned username and password.
  • Password to UCT Prague network needs to be changed before first use.
  • Password expires after 6 months and you'll be request to change it prior being able to login again.


General password requirements

  • The password must be at least 12 characters long.
  • The password must contain characters from at least 3 of the following groups: 

1.Capital letters of the English alphabet (A-Z) 
2.Lowercase alphabet (a-z) 
3.Numbers (0-9) 
4. Special characters like:! @ # $. , + - space, etc. 

    •  The new password must not match the previously used passwords.
    • The password must not contain a username.
    • The password must be kept secret, but it should not be recorded anywhere (paper, PC, mobile, etc.).
    • We recommend choosing a password that you can write on the English keyboard - diacritics (or other national alphabet characters) can cause problems when verifying some systems.
    • The password must be different from the passwords used in other networks or services, especially where your identity can easily be linked to the UCT Prague network.
  • For security reasons, the maximum password validity is limited (up to 6 months). 


Password change and reset 

They are two ways how to change password.

  • You can change the password on all computers with the Windows OS that are members of the Windows domain VSCHT.CZ. 
  • If you are outside the UCT Prague - Using the web interface to e-mail .

Password change can take few minutes to propagate trough the network (up to 15 minutes).

 In both cases, you need to know your original password. If you have forgotten your password please see Lost password section below.

If you want to see an instruction with screenshots how to change the password in Windows OS or from Outlook on the web, check this link.


Lost password

  • First, please contact our technical support ( and arrange a meeting.

If you have forgotten your password, you need to request a password change in the Computing Center (Copy center) or at the Technical Support of the Computing Center (B18), where you have to come in person. To prove your identity, you must present a school card or other identity card with your photo and date of birth. Change in another way, for example, by telephone, is not possible due to potential misuse by a third party.

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