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Public Transportation

Prague has an extensive public transport network that is rated as one of the best and most reliable in Europe. Thanks to public transport, you can reach even the most remote corners of the metropolis quickly and easily.


Transportation in Prague

You can use the underground (metro), trams, buses or suburban trains, ie.e public transport (MHD) to 
travel around Prague. All traffic information, latest news, schedules and travel rules are on the 
website of the Prague Public Transit (Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy – DPP).

  • When you travel by any means of transport, you are required to have a valid and properly marked ticket. The ticket is invalid if not marked. 

  • If you travel around Prague regularly and often, it is worth it to buy a travel pass with long-term validity (the so-called Litacka, or a paper coupon).



 ◳ Litacka (jpg) → (šířka 450px)

The Litacka Prague travel card is designed to be used by adults for periods of between one month and one year.

There are two ways how to obtain the travel card:


1) Go to Škoda Palace Jungmannova 35/29, 110 00 Prague 1 („Můstek“ metro station) with a passport-sized photo. 

2) Go to: (or donwload the app) then  fill in the basic information and add a valid photo.

Create a PID Litacka Account

If you have not registered before, go to select the EN option and complete the steps.

Click on the Activation link that will return you to PID Litacka website, where you shall: 

  • Add a Travel Voucher
  • On the left menu select “Season Tickets”
  • Select your Tariff
  • Select the date that you want the voucher to start
  • Choose Payment Type
  • Enter your payment card details and then click on the orange “Pay xxx” button
  • Validating the voucher

Do not forget to add your ISIC number, so you can get the student discount.

Now you can take metro, tram and bus for free when  you want in Prague.


Public transport in Prague consists of:


  • Line A (green): Depo Hostivař - Nemocnice Motol
  • Line B (yellow): Černý Most - Zličín
  • Line C (red): Letňany - Háje

Transfer nodes are located at the Můstek (A, B), Muzeum (A, C) and Florenc (B, C) stations.

Intervals: at peak hours ranges from 2 to 4 minutes, during non-peak hours, it is never more than 10 minutes; at night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday, the interval is 20 minutes.


Trams are a reliable and convenient option for surface transport. For sightseeing tours we recommend using the “nostalgic line” 42

Important notice: At pedestrian crossings, trams always have the right of way over pedestrians!

Intervals:  peak hours every 8–10 minutes, off-peak every 10–20 minutes, night connections every 30 minutes.


Getting on and off the bus is possible through all the doors of the bus.

Intervals: peak hours every 6-8 minutes, off-peak hours every 15-30 minutes; night operation every 30-60 minutes.

Night Service

Night service (from about 0:30 to 4:30) replaces daily metro, tram and bus lines. The backbone of night service is nine tram lines (91-99) at a uniform interval of 30 minutes (20 minutes at night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday) and night city bus lines (901–915) run at intervals of 30 minutes (20 minutes at night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday) or 60 minutes and at selected transfer points they connect to trams or other bus lines.

You can reach Václav Havel Prague Airport from the city center at night by night bus 910 without transfer. The line runs every 30 minutes. The driving time from the I.P. Pavlova stop, for example, is 42 minutes.

Other forms of transportation:


 For more information regarding barrier-free travel on public transport, click here.



Passengers should familiarise themselves with the conditions of travel in Prague's public transport system prior to arrival. This will help prevent possible complications during transport control.

Ticket validity is based on only on time - the number of transfers does not matter. When transferring, do not stamp the ticket again - restamping invalidates the ticket!

  • 90-minute ticket - CZK 40
  • 30-minute ticket - CZK 30
  • 24-hour ticket - CZK 120
  • 72-hour ticket - CZK 330

Free and discounted transport in public transport in Prague:

Free transport or a discount on the fare is conditional on proof of age with an official document stating the name, surname, photograph and date of birth (passport, ID card).

  • children up to 15 years:  gratis
  • persons over age 65:  gratis
  • persons aged from 60 to 65 years:  half-fare (90-minute ticket - CZK 20,  30-minute ticket - CZK 15,  24-hour ticket - CZK 60)

  • passengers with a valid travel document can transport a dog free of charge within Prague (except for PID trains and the AE line). A dog without a crate can be transported if it has a muzzle and is kept on a short leash.
  • small luggage up to 25x45x70 cm, animals in a crate, pram with baby or bicycles (only in the metro, on ferries, on the cable car to Petřín and at specified time intervals in selected tram sections)
  • more detailed information can be found here.


How to purchase tickets:

  • ticket vending machines: Ticket vending machines are installed in all metro stations and at some surface transport stops. Most vending machines only accept Czech coins, but increasingly, ticket machines allow you to pay using a contactless payment card.
  • Information centers or points of sale in metro stations
  • contactless payment cards: the payment terminal is located in the middle of each tram. After purchasing a ticket (printed on the spot), it is not necessary to stamp the ticket. In buses, it is possible to pay contactlessly only on the lines to Václav Havel Airport (119 and Airport Express). It is not yet possible to pay by card directly on metro trains.
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