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Department of International Relations

Students, Staff Business Travel:

Building B, B2309-B2312 - see contact

Office hours:

Mon: 13:30 - 15:30
Tue: 13:30 - 15:30
Wed: closed
Thu: 9:30 - 11:30
Fri: 9:30 - 11:30

International Staff:

Buidling B, Room B(S)09  &  Room B(S)10  - see contact

Meeting time by prior arrangement  

Vice-rector for external relationship and communication

Prof. Dr. Ing. Michaela Rumlová



e +420 220 444 177

Head of the Department

Bc. Filip Faltejsek

Acting Head of Department in the absence of Mgr. Žilíková

Room: BZ2312

e +420 220 444 456


Student mobility, Staff Business Travel

Šárka Zavadilovávýška 215px

economist, staff foreign business travels (advances), payment of conference fees

e +420 220 443 897

Mgr. Adéla Habartová

Room:  B2309

Incoming exchange students: ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, AKTION, short-term freemover;  Erasmus KA171 - international credit mobility

e +420 220 443 159

Bc. Lenka Polanská

Outgoing students and staff: ERASMUS+ , MOBI, ATHENS, CEEPUS, AKTION

e +420 220 444 309

Ing. Lenka Balíková

Foreign self-financing students, Erasmus MUNDUS

+420 220 443 158


International Staff Mobility Coordinators:  

 ◳ jitka-tomanova (jpg) → (výška 215px)Ing. Jitka Tomanová

Welcome Centre - international staff




e +420 220 443 896

Ing. Anna Mittnerová

international staff, advisory in the field of social security, health insurance and income taxes for foreigners                                         

Room: (B)S09 (MAP)


  +420 220 443 675


Maternity leave or other long-term absence

Mgr. Iva Žilíkovávýška 215px

Head of Department 

Mgr. Anna Kernová, DiS. ◳ Anička_Kernova (png) → (originál)

international staff and visits, visa formalities and advisory before and after arrival to the Czech Republic, extensions of stay, administration of Mobis system (information system for the evidence of foreign workers and visitors);


Technická 3, Prague, 16628, Czech Republic 

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