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Leaving UCT

When your employment contract with UCT Prague expires, you have a lot of administrative matters to deal with before you leave.

Termination of your employment contract

When your employment contract with UCT Prague expires, you have a lot of administrative matters to deal with before you leave.

Employment contracts shall expire on the date by which the contract was concluded.

An employment contract can be terminated only in accordance with the Labour Code. Forms and information are available on website of Personnel department.

 If you are a third-country national, you are obliged to leave the Czech Republic immediately after the termination of your employment contract, unless you have a new employment relationship with another employer and your long-term residence permit has been extended or you are a student and you are a holder of the residence permit for the purpose of study.

When and to whom you should inform about your work termination

It is recommended to start one month in advance and inform:

  1. Your superior and Head of department - agree on how to complete your work, submit results, reports and publications, account for your project finances, sign your time sheets and, if applicable, other reports, return borrowed things and books.
  2. Mobility coordinator - make an appointment to discuss what you will need assist with
  3. Personnel department – agree on when to stop there and deal with the exit administrative matters.


Things you shouldn't forget

Future addresspass on your telephone, e-mail, address of residence, address for sending documents to persons referred to in previous points a), b) and c). They should know, where you will be available after leaving UCT Prague, due to further cooperation and handling of administrative matters.

Residence permit – applicable only for third country nationals.

  • If you are a holder of a long term residence permit for a purpose of scientific research, please note that this type of permit is issued only for the purpose of scientific research at UCT Prague. When you terminate your employment contract with UCT Prague before your residence permit expires, e.g. you will go to work to another research organization or university in the Czech Republic, UCT Prague is obliged to notify the MOI (DAMP) of the termination of the Hosting Agreement with you and at the same time the new research institution is obliged to document the new Hosting Agreement to the MOI (DAMP).
  • If you terminate your working contract prior expiration of your residence permit and you are leaving Czech Republic, you are obliged to return your card of Long term residence permit to the Mobility Coordinator, who reports termination of Hosting agreement and hands over your card to MOI DMAP.
  • If you go to work to non-research organisation, e.g. commercial sector (company), the new employer has to go through the process of obtaining a new Employee card for you. Read more on
  • If you stay at UCT Prague and continue only as a student, you should apply in advance for a change of the purpose of your residence permit. You are advised to contact the mobility coordinator in about 1 month in advance for assistance. with the change of purpose of your residence permit.

Holiday - find out how many days of holiday you have left and use it before you leave.

Exit form (Výstupní list) - fill in the exit form, print it out and have the return of borrowed stuff, books and keys confirmed and signed by your Head of department, hand it over on the last day of your stay at work to the Personnel department.

E-mail and internet access - with the termination of your employment contract, your e-mail address with the domain and access to the internal computer network will stop working. After agreement with your Head of department you can request an extension of the access for about 3 months, based on a written request sent by your Head of department to the  You can set up forwarding your incoming emails to your new or private e-mail address using the interface at

Health insurance - after the end of your employment contract, UCT Prague terminates your contract with the health Insurance company and stops paying your insurance.

  • If you are a third-country national you are advised to take out a commercial health insurance for you and your family members, if appropriate, from the first day after the termination of your employment contract until you leave the Czech Republic.
  • If you are an EU/EEA and Switzerland citizen and remain in the Czech Republic and you are not employed, you are advised to register with the health insurance company as a “OBZP -  Osoba bez zdanitelných příjmů” a person without taxable income and pay for the insurance yourself, the monthly rate for the year 2021 is 2052 CZK, read more on the website of VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) or relevant insurance company of your choice. More information about health insurance of EU citizen is on
  • If you are a student and you are continuing your studies at UCT Prague, then you will find out the rules for students' health insurance on


Social security insurance - during your employment, UCT Prague pays mandatory contribution to your social security, which include sickness, pension and unemployment insurance. The authority that administers this insurance is the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) . Upon termination of your employment contract, UCT Prague will cease to pay this insurance. The Personnel department will prepare your Pension insurance record sheet (ELDP - Evidenční list důchodového pojištění) and will hand it over to you.

  • If you are a third-country national, check if your country of origin concluded with the Czech Republic the bilateral social security  agreement and what benefits the agreement regulates In the absence of an international agreement, you are unfortunately not entitled to the transfer of the paid premium to your country of origin or to the refund of the paid insurance in the Czech Republic. If you work and stay in another EU country, your entitlement to social security benefits will be aggregated. Then ask the mobility coordinator to complete the U1 form.
  • If you are an EU/EEA and Switzerland citizen you will remain in the social security system according the EU coordination rules. You will be covered by the system of the country determined according your A1 certificate that proofs which country legislation applies to you. Periods of participation in social security systems of individual member states are aggregated, read more on Forms that certify your benefits (social security) situation when moving within the EU,
  • If you are a student and your employment contract terminates, you will lose entitlements for social security benefits that are working holiday and sickness leave.


Bank account - Keep your bank account open, you will receive your last wage/salary on the 9th calendar day of the month following the termination of your employment. It is at your discretion whether to keep the account open longer. You may expect a refund of your income tax overpayment.

Housing - do terminate the lease agreement with your landlord in advance according conditions of agreement. More about rental, services payments, deposit and a handover protocol on web page Accommodation
If you live in the UCT Prague dormitory, inform the staff at the reception when you will leave, pay the rent, ask for the deposit to be returned, hand over the keys.

Income tax – you are obliged to pay tax on your income in the Czech Republic, if you are a tax resident of another state, you also have to declare income from the Czech Republic in the state of your tax residence. The income tax is deducted from your salary and paid to the Czech Tax office (Finanční úřad). The Personnel department will prepare your Certificate of the Taxable Income (Potvrzení o zdanitelných příjmech). This document will be handed over to you. 

For more information, please consult the webpage of the Personnel department.


Last day at work

  • You should return to your supervisor the keys to the lab or room you worked.
  • You should go to the Personnel department where you will hand over a signed Exit form, a UCT identity card and a health insurance card and check your address, where the Pension insurance record sheet, Certificate of taxable incomes and paid tax advances and Confirmation of employment at UCT Prague will be sent.
  • The third-country national shall hand over his / her long-term residence permit card to the mobility coordinator, or sends the card via post
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