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Before you start looking for a kindergarten, please make sure that:

  1. Your child is registered with a paediatrician because you will need their signature on the Application form ("Potvrzení od dětského lékaře")
  2. Your child has been vaccinated according to the Czech vaccination calendar 

If you don’t want your child to be vaccinated, there is still a possibility for you to find a kindergarten, but the choice is very limited. You should be searching either for a forest club (lesní klub) or a community school (komunitní školka).

Your first option is the UCT Prague day care centre "DK Zkumavka".

DK Zkumavka

DK Zkumavka is a day care centre ("dětský koutek") for UCT Prague employees only. It is not a kindergarden but the service that your child will get there is very similar. Zkumavka day care centre offers an educational programme for children aged 2–7 years.

Price list:

Full day: 125 CZK per day

Morning only: 63 CZK per day

Lunch: 35 CZK

Snack in the morning: 17 CZK

Snack in the afternoon: 17 CZK

The centre is situated in one of the university buildings (building C):

Address: ◳ adresa (png) → (šířka 215px)

Studentská 6

166 28 Prague 6



Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 7:45 – 16:30


What do you need to do for registration at Zkumavka?


1. Fill-in these 3 documents and bring them personally to Mrs. Jakovcová:

Application form ("Přihláška")this document should be signed and stamped by a paediatrician

Registration form ("Evidenční list")

Child custody agreement ("Dohoda o svěření péče o dítě")

2. Then you make a registration of your child on the webpage of Zkumavka:

Please make sure that you use your UCT Prague email address (

3. Now you will be able to book a space in the reservation system:

Please note that it is not possible to subscribe your child for the entire year straight away. Instead, you must make a reservation at a weekly basis.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Jakovcová on 

Public kindergartens

A public kindergarten may be another option, you must make sure that:

  1. You are a holder of a permanent or long-term residence permit, in the Czech Republic
  2. Your child will be 3 years old before the 1st September. Those who will turn 3 on or after that date can subscribe but will most probably be put on a waiting list.

If you fulfil the above criteria, you can choose any kindergarten that is located in the same Prague district you live in.

You can of course choose any kindergarten out of your district, however your chances to get your child accepted are quite small. Nevertheless you should know that children above 5 years must be accepted in any kind of kindergarten.

During the period of January – May  kindergartens have Open days (“dny otevřených dveří”) and parents are allowed to visit kindergartens and inspect them for themselves. Most parents find it very useful, as they can experience the school environment and meet the teachers.

If you are not sure which one to choose do not hesitate to send as many applications as you wish.

The application form MUST be delivered to the kindergarten ONLY during the period of inscriptions, which is usually in May. The exact dates are announced every year by the Ministry of Education and are also mentioned on the websites of the kindergartens.

Please do not forget to have your application form signed and stamped by your paediatrician and to have your child properly vaccinated.

Even though these schools are public, you must still pay a monthly fee that is around 550 CZK per month and around 860 CZK per month for the meals.

Private kindergartens

If you choose a private kindergarten, you do not need to have a residence permit in the Czech Republic. However, you will still need to provide an application form signed by a pediatrician confirming that your child has been vaccinated according to the Czech vaccination calendar.

There is a wide range of private kindergartens who offer different services and educational programmes. Some of them have longer opening hours (until 18:00), foreign languages with native speakers, alternative methods of teaching (Montessori) or child care with a different age range. You have an opportunity to find the right school for your child’s individual needs and your own requirements.

However, you should be aware that such a school might be rather expensive. In the wide centre of Prague, you will pay 20-30 000 CZK per month.

If you need advice, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.



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