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How to open a bank account

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Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is not complicated as long as you follow certain rules.

You will need to show two official identification documents in the bank if you want to open a bank account.

For this purpose you can use: your passport, ID card, driving licence, birth certificate, health insurance card, proof of address (you can take your accommodation contract which you will get at the dorms after your arrival), resident card or even your employee card.

In addition to these documents you will need an initial deposit. The initial deposit varies from bank to bank, but usually it is between 200 – 2000 Czech koruna (CZK). This is not a fee, but it will serve as your first payment into your account.

At most Czech banks you will pay a monthly rate and fee for transactions. It varies from bank to bank but usually it’s about 30–50 CZK per month. The fees for international transfers or currency exchange vary as well, for this, we recommend you to check the price list available on the bank’s website.

Some banks such as Air Bank or Komerční banka allow you to open an account online. You just need to fill-out a form on their website. They will prepare your account and call you the next working day to set up an appointment. The final process of signing the contract must be done in person at a local branch.

There is a wide range of banks in the Czech Republic with English speaking staff, such as Komerční banka, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Air Bank, Unicredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Fio Banka. 

Updated: 29.6.2023 17:00, Author: Jitka Šípková

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