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Erasmus Staff Mobility - incoming


Mobility can be undertaken by staff at a Higher Education or HE/FE Institution which holds an Erasmus+ University Charter (EUC) to another HEI which holds an EUC and with which their institution has an Inter-institutional Agreement.

Within the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility Programme academic and administrative staff can carry out two different types of mobility.

Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

Academic Staff can carry out mobility by teaching minimum 8 course hours weekly, minimum 2 workdays, maximum 2 months. There should be a valid Erasmus+ Agreement between two institutions to regulate Teaching Mobility.

Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility

Within the scope of this activity, academic and administrative staff have the opportunity to improve their personal skills and present the culture and values from the university they come from. Activity period is defined as minimum 2 working days and maximum 2 months.

How to Apply - Incoming Mobility to UCT Prague

Please send us ( your professional CV, Recommendation Letter from your supervisor and Cover Letter stating what what activities you would like to perform at UCT Prague with preffered dates. Your application will be then assessed and you will be informed about the next steps to be taken.

Outline of Cover Letter

  • What are your job responsibilities? 
  • Why UCT Prague? Is it your first visit?
  • What kind of mobility are you interested in (teaching, training)?


  • What department would you like to visit?
  • What do you expect to learn about? (please specify)
  • Can you share as well your experience? (please specify)
  • What kind of feedback would you like to bring to your colleagues?
  • Are there an opportunities for further cooperation?


  • What is the subject of your lecture?
  • What do you expect our students to learn about?
  • Is there any opportunity of further cooperation? (please specify)


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