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Accommodation for Exchange Students

UCT Prague offers limited accommodation options in dormitories Volha and Sázava located in the southern part of Prague near the metro station Chodov. 


  • Sázava dormitory: Chemická (Ekonomická) 952, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice 
  • Volha dormitory: K Verneráku 950, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice 


Sázava Dormitory 

  • Mainly apartments which include 2 rooms, each with 2–3 beds + kitchen + bathroom and toilet  
  • A limited number of single rooms with a bathroom 
  • The common laundry room is located on the ground floor of the dormitory 
  • Fitness centre with a gym, fitness zone, and table tennis 

Volha Dormitory 

  • Mainly apartments which include 2 rooms, each with 2–3 beds + bathroom and toilet  
  • A limited number of single rooms with a bathroom 
  • Each floor is equipped with a shared kitchen 
  • Laundry rooms located on the 1., 4., 7. and 11. floor 

Note: The kitchens are not equipped with any kitchen utensils; students bring their own pots and plates if they are going to cook in the kitchen.  

The price for accommodation in the dormitories ranges from 3 780 to 6 400 CZK per month. 


How to Apply for Accommodation in the Dormitories 

Short-term exchange students, once accepted to UCT Prague (fully signed Learning Agreement), will receive from an admission officer an Accommodation Application via acceptance e-mail. This form is to be filled out and sent directly to the dormitory admission office (instructions will be attached). The further communication is then direct, between the student and the dormitory officer.

Academic Year 2023/2024 

Exchange students must send their       Application for Accommodation for winter semester (can be used until 31.01.2024) to the Halls of Residence accommodation office ( by the given application deadlines. 

Please obey the      Accommodation Rules for the academic year 2023/2024 - winter semester.

Summer semester

     Application for Accommodation for summer semester

Please obey the      Accommodation Rules for the academic year 2023/2024 - summer semester


The room allocation 

In August (winter semester)/December (summer semester), you will be contacted by a dormitory officer who will provide you with information about which room has been assigned to you. The earliest arrival to the dormitories is usually possible in the 1-2 week prior to your Enrollment day.  

Note: your request for a specific type of room might not be met because of the limited capacity of the dormitories.  



Upon your arrival, you must visit the reception of the assigned dormitory, identify yourself with your passport, and the receptionist will provide you with documents, a room key, and bed linen. The documents must be signed and handed over to a dormitory officer (in the Student Accommodation office). Should you arrive on the weekend, you will be given the documents, and you must visit the Student Accommodation office on Monday morning.   

Note: Once you arrive in the dormitory, you must pay an administrative fee of 400 CZK and also a refundable deposit in the amount of 5000 CZK. The fee may be paid in cash in Czech currency, or by card (Visa or Mastercard).  

On Enrollment Day, you will be provided with login information into the dormitories system ISKAM. In the ISKAM system, you will see your monthly expenses (accommodation fee, laundry fee, gym fee...), and you can also report any malfunctions in the room. 

Bed Linen 

Each bed is equipped with a pillow and a duvet. Upon your registration, you will be provided with bed linen (1x pillowcase, 1x duvet cover) and with a fitted sheet. The fitted sheet shall be put on the mattress. The pillow shall be placed inside the pillowcase and the duvet shall be placed inside the duvet cover.  

We advise changing the bed linen and the fitted sheet for hygiene reasons optimally once a week. You can get a clean bed lined in the bedding storeroom or in the manager's office of your dormitory.  

Wi-Fi in the Dormitories  

In the dormitories as well as in buildings of the university, there is Wi-Fi "vscht" available in all areas, to which students log in using the same login details as they have for the Study Information System. 

On Enrollment Day, you will receive a password that must first be changed from the initial one to your own password. For more information, please visit our webpage Study-related Information. 

In addition, in the dormitories, there are two unlimited Wi-Fi "volha" and "sazava", which all students can access after providing their phone number at check-in to the dormitories. An SMS with a password is sent to their phone after the check-in. 


Dormitory website 

Detailed information about the dormitories and a price list is to be found on the official website of the dormitories here. 


How to Get to the Dormitories From the Airport 

When going from the airport Letiště Václava Havla to the dormitories, you will use the same direction as when going to the university. 

Buy the ticket for 40 CZK (in case that you do not have a long term pass yet). In front of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, get on board bus 119 and ride to Nádraží Veleslavín metro station. After getting off the bus go inside the metro station, and catch a metro train in the direction to Depo Hostivař station. Ride to station Muzeum station and change lines - from line A (green) to line C (red) - and take the metro C to the Chodov station. At Chodov, there is a large shopping center just right above the metro station, therefore, you can do some after-arrival shopping if needed. After getting out of the metro, catch bus 177 and ride to the bus stop Volha. From there, dormitories are 3 minutes of walk away.

It will take about 40-50 minutes to get from the airport to the dormitories. 

  For more information regarding public transportation in Prague, please visit our webpage Public Transportation.  

Don’t forget to buy a ticket for public transport. You can do so by purchasing the ticket in a machine at the bus stop at the airport, or by buying the ticket in the PID Litacka application (we recommend using this app as you can also find the timetables of the public transportation there.)


Buddy for Exchange Students 

You can also apply for a buddy. A “buddy” is a primary contact person who provides information and guidance to you during your first weeks in the Czech Republic and, if the circumstances allow, during the whole time of your stay. Our buddies are Czech students who usually have experience as exchange students abroad from the past. They will fo example pick you up at the airport, show you the way to the Dormitories and to the University, or help you to arrange your accommodation. 

Note: Please, do not forget that our buddies do their “job” as volunteers (they do it from their goodwill). Therefore, you can not demand any assistance from them that exceeds their competence as a helping contact person. 

Visit this website - ESN UCT BROADDY -  to register yourself and submit your buddy request. We recommend registering yourself at least three weeks prior to your arrival. 

If you have any questions concerning our Buddy Programme, do not hesitate to contact the coordinators of the buddy programme: 


Off-Campus Living 

If you wish to stay closer to the university and prefer privacy, you can search for a private flat. When looking for an apartment in Prague, be careful about fake offers. We highly suggest not paying anything before actually seeing the flat and signing a contract. We recommend reading articles about the issues, e.g. here or here. 

Note 1: You will have to register your place of residence at the Foreign Police (Non-EU nationals within 3 days from the arrival to the Czech Republic; EU nationals within 30 days). See the guide at the bottom of this page. 

Note 2: You have to take the accommodation contract with you to the Foreign Police office, therefore, make sure that the person who signed the accommodation contract is a legal owner of the apartment! 

International students living in the dormitories do not need to register their arrival to the Czech Republic at the Foreign Police; the dormitories take care of this. 



Students can have breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner in the Residence Volha canteen. 

There are also two canteens on the university campus Dejvická close to UCT Prague: 

  • Menza Studentský dům ("Red canteen"): Bílá 6, Praha 6 
  • Technická Menza ("Blue canteen"): Jugoslávských partyzánů 3, Praha 6 

UCT Student Card holders can purchase meals in these canteens with a student discount. 

Read more about canteens here. 

Dormitories Volha and Sázava

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