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AKTION at UCT Prague

LOGO-AKTION-05 (výška 215px)

Aktion is a programme that supports bilateral cooperation in education and science between the Czech Republic and Austria. The programme includes scholarships for students, lecturers and researchers as well as project funding. Austrian students can apply for Aktion scholarships to finance their study stay / traineeship in the Czech Republic.

Aktion is administered by OeAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst) in Austria and DZS (Centre for International Cooperation in Education) in the Czech Republic.

There are several scholarship opportunities within this programme every year – the application process and deadlines depend on the chosen scholarship. The application for the scholarship is handled directly by Aktion, students have to apply to UCT Prague as well. If you were awarded an Aktion scholarship and are planning to spend the traineeship at UCT Prague please contact the Department of International Relations to get more information about the administrative process.

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