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Visa (Non-EU Students)

In order to be allowed to live in the Czech Republic for study purposes, Non-EU citizens must apply for a long-term visa for the purpose of studying in the Czech Republic. Applications must be submitted to the Czech Embassy or Consulate in the respective country (it is not possible to apply for a visa in the Czech Republic). 

If you are not sure, whether you need a visa to stay in the Czech Republic, please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country or the embassy of the Czech Republic nearest to you. 

IMPORTANT: Non-EU citizens who have residency in another EU state still need a  visa in case they are staying longer than 90 days.


Applying for a Visa 

The following is a step-by-step explanation of the visa process. Please make sure to follow this guide when applying for a visa. 


  Applying for the visa appointment

The appointment can be either scheduled: 

  1. by the applicant himself/herself 
  1. applicants from certain listed countries can apply for an appointment at the Czech Embassy through a governmental project for visa facilitation called Režim Student (Student mode). 

UCT Prague has no authority to process visa applications or approve visa appointments with the Czech Embassy in other countries. The International Relations Department UCT Prague usually advises students to apply for a visa appointment as soon as they receive an acceptance letter (or signed Learning Agreement). For many students, it can take several months for appointments to be made. 

Student Mode 

Student Mode only helps ACCELERATE ACCESS for getting the appointment at the Embassy, not the procedure itself, which takes about 60 days.  

Note, you cannot use Student mode and schedule the appointment by yourself at the same time. 

What are the criteria for applying for the Student mode? 

  • You must be a citizen of one of the enrolled countries for the Student Mode/ you are going to apply for the visa in the country that issued you travel documents/ you are going to apply for the visa in the country where you received your long-term/permanent residence; here you can check if your country is enrolled in the Student Mode - Countries in which the Embassy is participate in the Student Mode  
  • You must be officially accepted as an exchange student at UCT Prague. 
  • You must obtain a confirmation from your coordinators at UCT Prague that you will be nominated by them the Student mode. 

How can students be nominated for the Student mode? 

  • Contact your coordinator at UCT Prague and ask about your options. 
  • Read the rules for obtaining a long-term visa  and prepare all the necessary documents required for the appointment at the specified Czech embassy. 

After nominations, what should students needs to do? 

  • Prepare the required documents for you appointment at the embassy.
  • Wait for the embassy to contact you. You will receive a proposal with a date and time for your appointment. 
  • Make sure that you are ready for the appointment and present yourself with all the documents. 


The visa procedure can take up to 60 days from your first visit to the Embassy. It is therefore strongly recommended to start the visa procedure as soon as possible. The courses start in September (winter semester) and in February (summer semester), and we can only accept students who arrive latest on 30th September/28th-29th February. Students arriving later are not registered at the university because they would miss too many lessons. 

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to arrange a visa appointment at the respective embassy in May – winter semester / November – summer semester at the very latest. 


  Gathering all documents 


Along with the application for a long-term visa, students must submit several documents. For the list of application documents, please check the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech republic. 

To apply for the long-term visa (visa for study purposes) or your appointment at the Czech Embassy, among other documents, you must obtain three original documents (physical copies) from UCT Prague. You may ask for the documents after your application procedure is finished and confirmed. 

 Which documents can UCT Prague issue for you? 

  1. Document on the purpose of stay 
  2. Letter of Acceptance 
  3. Proof of accommodation (ONLY IN CASE you are staying at UCT dormitories) 

What should you provide? 

In case you need visa confirmations from us, please contact Ms. Adéla Habartová ( and send her: 

  • copy/scan of your passport 
  • information at which embassy you will apply for a visa (name of the city) 
  • information if you will be staying at UCT Prague dormitories 

IMPORTANT: There may be variations depending on the country where you are applying for your visa and additional documents may be required.  

The requirements for the application cannot not be older than 180 days except for the travel document and the photograph of the foreign national if it corresponds to his/her actual appearance. 

A long-term visa for the purpose of studies is issued for a period that is demonstrated with the confirmation of studies, however, not longer than 1 year. 


Delivery of the documents 

You must submit all the documents in paper form. To receive documents from UCT Prague, students need to contact the Department of International Relations (, after they receive confirmation that the documents are ready to be sent. 

Students have two options: 

  1. use regular delivery – UCT Prague will prepare and register the delivery. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to receive the documents (it can be even more, depending on the country); students do not have to pay for the service. 
  1.  use DHL – Students need to visit the DHL website and create an order for delivery. It will take approximately less than a week to obtain the documents safely; students pay for the express delivery service. 
      We very much recommend choosing express DHL delivery as it is crucial to get the documents as quickly and safely as possible. From our experience, it is the best way to obtain the documents without any problems. If students’ visa requests are not approved on time, UCT Prague reserves the right to cancel their study exchange. 


 Preparing your finances 


Before applying for a visa, you need to prepare proof of your financial means (Proof of funds for the purposes of a long-term visa). This must be submitted at the latest when you apply for a long-term visa.  

It is stated on the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic website that for the purposes of a long-term visa (study), a foreign national is obliged to prove the availability of funds that are 15 times the amount of the existential minimum (in accordance with the Government Regulation No. 436/2022 Coll., as of January 1st, 2023, the following minimum is equal to 3 130 CZK) for the first month and double the amount of existential minimum for every month afterwards, i.e. for instance, for a stay from January 1st until June 30th it would be (15 * 3 130) + (5 * 2 * 3 130) = 46 950 + 31 300 = 78 250 CZK. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the website for any updates prior to submitting the proof of financial means. Updates may occure! 


  The visa appointment 


 For the visa appointment, please pay attention to the information that the Czech Embassy will communicate to you. 

 After applying for your visa, it can take up to 60 days from your first visit to the Embassy until you receive a response. If you have not been contacted or have no news after these 60 days, you can contact us by email. As mentioned above, we have no authority with the Czech embassy in other countries. 


  Arrival in Prague


The Department of International Relations UCT Prague can accompany you on your way to apply for a visa and provide information. Once you have arrived in the Czech Republic, we will be happy to provide additional information regarding registration at the foreign police or visa extension. 


 Useful websites

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