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PhD student long-term mobility

Do you need to work on a specific project abroad?

UCT Prague supports its PhD students on their long-term traineeship abroad using UCT's own funds and/or the Erasmus+ scholarship. In case you decide to apply for such financial support, please follow the instructions on our website on How to apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeship scholarship. Here you can find instructions about how to apply and what the necessary documents you have to prepare are. In case you want to search more for other kinds of external scholarships, please look here

When is the best time to apply?

Doctoral students have more options than other students. There are 4 calls a year. For more details please see Infobox

January - additional call

March - main call (here we prefer to gather most of the applications for the recent calendar year) 

May - additional call

October - additional call

Who can apply?

  • Doctoral student
  • all forms of study
  • student must be enrolled at UCT for the whole period of the traineeship. 
  • no limitations in citizenship but must be enrolled into an accredited study program at UCT
  • your supervisor must approve your traineeship
  • Host institution express their approval (pre-negotiated)
  • working plan volume must align with the full-time workload in the country of the host institution.

Where to go?

To the UCT partner institution (list available here) or any company of your choice worldwide, dealing with research or applied science in line with your study or research. 

How long for?

The traineeship has to last between 2 - 6 months. Stay abroad that differs from this length will be assessed individually and approved only in well-founded cases. You can repeatedly apply until you reach the 12-month limit. 

How about money?

Your scholarship funding will be provided in EUR. In order not to lose much from money transfers - get yourself a EUR account. The received financial support differs from destination and length of stay.

How much?

Erasmus Student Charter

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