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Extension of researcher's residence permit


Please bring to your Mobility Coordinator the following documents:

  • Green application form - needs to be printed out in colors, filled up in Czech language; in the upper part please tick extension - prodloužení,  in Nr. 15 write VEDECKY VYZKUM;  you do not need to translate the names and employers. Please sign it

  • Accommodation contract – original; in Czech language.

  • Passport - copy of the first page with your personal details and of all pages with some stamp or/and visa!

  • 1 passport size picture (3.5 x 4.5 cm)

  • KOLEK (revenue stamps) in the amount of 2 500 CZK - stick it to the green application form under point 33

Your Mobility Coordinator will deliver these documents to MOI-OAMP and will book an appointment for you.

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