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Extension of student's residence permit


For  the extension of your long-term residence permit with the purpose of scientific research you need to apply at the Immigration office (Ministry of Interior).

The application form must be submitted no earlier than 120 days before the expiry  of your residence card and no later than the last day of the validity of your residence permit. 

You will need to provide to the Immigration office:

  • Green application: needs to be printed out in colors, filled up in Czech language; in Nr. 15 write: STUDIUM

  • Passport – copy of the first page with your personal details and of all pages with any stamp or visa

  • Proof of study

  • Accommodation contract in Czech, original

  • 1 passport size picture (3.5 x 4.5 cm)

  • proof of funds

  • medical insurance - comprehensive health insurance for the whole period of your stay

  • KOLEK (revenue stamps) in the amount of 2 500 CZK - stick it to the green application form under point 33


 There are 2 ways to prove that you have sufficient amount of money for the whole period of your stay

  • A bank account statement
    • 1 semester – 78 250 CZK
    • 1 year – 115 810 CZK

  • A document proving your monthly income

In case you are employed, you need to provide a confirmation of your net salary.

You monthly income should be approximatelly

  • 9000 CZK in case you are living at the UCT dorms and
  • 12 860 CZK in case you are living in a private appartment

These costs should cover the subsistence minimum for living ( 4 470 CZK) plus the highest amount of normative housing costs (9000 CZK) or housing costs you actually spend.

ATTENTION! A scholarship is NOT a proof of funds



  1. You should buy a commercial medical insurance for the whole period of your stay. You should choose the comprehensive option with the below provider:

2.   In case you are employed, the medical insurance is covered by your employer.

ATTENTION! In case you have a DPP contract with salary less than 10 000 CZK, your employer does not cover your medical insurance

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