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Temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen


During your stay in the CR you may become a family member of an EU citizen. In this case you will submit an application for a Temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen at the MOI.

Since 2.8.2021, family members of EU citizens are divided into 2 categories: immediate and extended family members of an EU citizen (blízcí a vzdálení rodinní příslušníci).

 For the application, you will need:

marriage certificate, verified if needed, accommodation contract, photos etc., in case of partnership filled and signed a Sworn statement of partnership (Čestné prohlášení o partnerském vztahu), the Embassy will require a Czech version. 

  • birth certificate (for children), verified if needed
  • application form filled
  • revenue stamp of 200 Kč
  • photographs,
  • a proof of medical travel insurance - comprehensive insurance with pVZP company for the whole period of stay - only in case of extended family members
  • medical insurance card of EU citizen - in case of immediate family member
  • monthly family income document - in case of extended family member
  • proof of accommodation,
  • a document about residence of EU citizen in the territory.

All documents must be officially translated into Czech and verified if needed

 The application must be filed personally at the MOI and the delay for approval is 60 days.

The validity of this permit is 5 years for immediate family members and 3 years for extended family members.

Immediate family members can apply for a permanent residence permit after 3 years of continuous stay.

Updated: 5.6.2023 14:17, Author: Jitka Tomanová

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