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Baby born in the Czech Republic


If you are expecting a baby to be born in the Czech Republic, there are a few formalities that need to be arranged as soon as possible after the baby is born. Read more on the web page


Your baby will be a member of the public health insurance system from the day of birth. He/she will be insured for at least two months, specifically until the end of the month in which he/she reaches the age of 60 days. For the further stay of the baby, who is non-EU citizen, it is then necessary to take out commercial health insurance.  From 1/1/2024 children under 18 years of age will automatically become participants in the Public Health Insurance System.  Read more on FRS.GOV.CZ

 The researcher employed at UCT Prague is insured with the VZP insurance company, so the baby will also need to register for public insurance with the VZP insurance company . Registration of the baby with the insurance company must be done within 8 days of his / her birth! It is better to go there in person and with the child's birth certificate. The VZP insurance company will send you payment details after registration. The insurance premium is payable from the first to the last day of the decisive period. The insurance premium is 4 104 CZK for the period of 60 days.

After this time, it will be necessary to insure the baby with comprehensive health insurance with the PVZP insurance company ( till 31.12.2023)

Long term residence permit (Non-EU nationals)

Within 60 days from the date of the baby's birth, it is necessary to apply for his/her long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic. This application is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and it is necessary for the mother or father to come there in person!

 The application requirements are:

  • Green application form (see attached) - needs to be printed out in colors, filled up in Czech language; in Nr. 15 write DÍTĚ NAROZENÉ NA ÚZEMÍ ČR; if you are not sure what to write to each point, please, let me know or use google translator;
  • Travel document/passport; can be substituted by submitting a travel document of the foreign national (legal representative), in which the child is entered
  • The child’s birth certificate,
  • Child's passport picture
  • Document on medical insurance
  • KOLEK (revenue stamp) in the amount of 1000 Kč - stick it to the green application form

 As soon as the baby is born, please let contact your mobility coordinator. She  will make an appointment for you at the MOI. If he/she does not have a passport during the mentioned 60 days, it doesn't matter - we mainly have to submit his/her application for a stay and we would prove his/her passport later

Updated: 31.10.2023 11:22, Author: Anna Mittnerová

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