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Student's Health Insurance

EU citizens

 ◳ ZDRAV_POJIST_3 (jpg) → (ořez 215*215px)Students from EU participate in public health insurance.

Up to 26 years of age

They are considered as “children” and they are insured as a parent’s national in that member state in accordance with the rules of that EU Member State. They have a blue EHIC – European Health Insurance Card.

When coming to study on the doctoral level in the Czech Republic, they have to fill out the S1 health insurance form in the country of origin (they will need the A1 form as well) for the claim to health care in another EU country.

Foreign doctoral students – EU citizens 26 years old and above

they will be treated as members of the Czech public health insurace system, if they they register with a Czech public health insurance provider (e.g. VZP, OZP). 

When registering, they will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Confirmation of the university that they are enrolled  in a FULL-TIME doctoral study programme, for the first time in the Czech Republic, within a STANDARD PERIOD OF STUDY (3 years + one year extension can be accepted = maximum 4 years)
  • Proof of residence in the Czech Republic  including address, by submitting the following documents: 
  • Accommodation or lease agreement
  • Contract with Czech mobile phone operator, internet provider
  • Contract with electricity supplier or payment statements
  •  Other supporting documents such as a long-term ticket for public transport, fitness centre card, etc. 

If they have an employment contract (does not apply for Agreement on Work Performance - "DPP" under 10 000 CZK per month and Agreement on Work Activity -"DPČ" under 4 000 CZK per month), then the health insurance is paid by the employer (2552 CZK per month).

Foreign doctoral students – EU citizens (including Czech Republic) older than 28 years

Those who do not have an employment contract in the Czech Republic or have an Agreement on Work Performance  "DPP" under 10 500 CZK per month with one employer or an Agreement on Work Activity "DPČ"under 4 000 CZK per month or are considered as persons without taxable income (OBZP), are required to pay the health insurance at a public health insurance company themselves. This applies to Czech doctoral students as well. For the year 2024 the amount is 2 552 CZK per month.


Non-EU Citizens

Third country students (including doctoral students without employment contract) have to buy a commercial health insurance when applying  for their student's visa,  Providers pVZP, OZP- Vitalitasmore information.


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