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Social security and health insurance


Social security 

Workers who enter into an employment contract with an employer in the Czech Republic (with the exception of an agreement on work performance/DPP  of up to CZK 10,000/month or a agreement on work activity  of up to CZK 3,999/month) are registered by the employer in the social security insurance system with the Czech Social Insurance Administration and the employer pays for them monthly mandatory insurance premiums. Social security covers pension insurance, sickness insurance and unemployment insurance.

Health insurance

In the same way, the employer registers its employees with one of the health insurances companies (UCT Prague at the General Health Insurance Company/VZP) and pays for them monthly mandatory insurance premiums.

Premium rates

 ◳ SS and HI rates (jpg) → (šířka 450px)

International scope of social and health insurance

EU, EEA and Switzerland nationals

European rules for the coordination of social security (SS) systems are based on the right of free movement of persons within Member States and the provision that a migrant is subject to the rules of only one Member State
The European Regulations (EC) on social security coordination  No. 883/2004 and No. 987/2009 do not supersede national systems, but only determine which country system will apply to a specific person (citizen, employee) in a particular situation. More information on " Moving & working in Europe"

Third countries nationals

Some so-called contracting third countries have concluded international social security agreements with the Czech Republic, the basic purpose of which is to ensure the rights of persons migrating between two contracting states. List of bilateral agreements  and scope of provided social security is listed at .

Reference: Employment and Hosting of Foreigners in a Czech Academic Environment

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