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Arrival (incoming exchanges)

Orientation Week and Enrollment

Orientation Week

One week before the beginning of the semester, the Erasmus Student Network UCT Prague (ESN UCT Prague) and the Department of International Relations organize Orientation Week.

Enrollment Day

Enrollment Day, the day you officially register as a UCT student, is held during this week.  Participation in this specific event is compulsory; you can be excused only with permission from the Department of International Relations.



  UCT Student Card

After registration, you will apply for a UCT Student Card at the university's Card Centre (Building B, basement). Your student card allows you to:

  • Enter all three UCT buildings
  • Use university computers
  • Pay for the photocopies
  • Purchase meals in canteens with a student discount


Login and Password

You will collect your login and password for accessing the Student Information System (SIS) and UCT computer network in the UCT Card Centre (building B, room S06).

Before you can start using it, please change your given password according to the rules.

⇓Guide for changing password


Foreign Police Reporting Duty

EU and Non-EU students Living in Residence Halls

Registration of your stay in the Czech Republic at the Czech Foreign Police is not necessary if you are staying in the Volha or Sázava residence halls; the residence halls will register on your behalf.

Students in Private Residences

If you are an EU student and will not live in Volha or Sázava, you are obliged to register at the Foreign Police office within 30 days of your arrival if your stay in the Czech Republic exceeds 30 days.

Non-EU Students in Private Residences

All non-EU students who do not live in Volha or Sázava must register at the Czech Foreign Police within 3 days after their arrival. This duty also applies to those visa students who are due to pick up their long-term or permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic.


Registration of European Health Insurance Card

Students from an EU country need to register their national public health insurance (EHIC blue card) with a Czech health insurance company - VZP is recommended as the largest health care provider in the Czech Republic with the highest number of cooperating doctors. After showing the EHIC card or  confirmation that substitutes the card, the health insurance company will immediately issue a registration document with a registration number with a Czech health insurance company. Later, if you need to see a doctor, take this document along with the EHIC card.

Students from Turkey need to take to the VZP office the paper they have from their Health insurance provider in Turkey and register it as well.

For more information visit Medical care and Health Insurance page.


 Health and Safety Training

Students are obliged to read the Health and Safety Training guide and sign a declaration upon their arrival that they have read and understood the Health and Safety conditions and that they will comply with all the duties as required.  

⇓ Health and Safety at Work - Entry training


Bank Account

Opening a Czech bank account is strongly recommended. It is easily arranged and free of charge. More information will be given to you on Enrollment Day.


Public Transport Pass

Under 26

If you are under 26, you might qualify for a public transport student discount. The Department of International Relations will issue you two confirmations of your student status.

If you have a buddy, they can pick up your confirmations before you arrive in Prague. Then you can arrange your travel pass directly after you arrive in Prague with your buddy's assistance.

In addition to the confirmations, you will need a photograph and the respective amount of money. 

26 and older

If you are 26 and older, you will need to buy a traffic pass for the full price. A student discount is not available.

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