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CEEPUS at UCT Prague

CEEPUS or Central European Exchange Program for University Studies is an exchange programme that awards scholarships to students, who are citizens of the member countries, are studying at a CEEPUS network university and would like to go for a study exchange at another CEEPUS network university.

CEEPUS offers network mobilities and freemover mobilities. Network mobility is a mobility between universities which are part of the same CEEPUS network. List of currently registered CEEPUS networks is available hereFreemover applications are for students who would like to do exchange in the member countries but on a university which is not in the same networks as their home university. First the network scholarships are awarded, then for the summer semester, if there is still funding, freemover round is opened.

Who can apply?

  • Citizens of member countries (Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Prishtina/Kosovo) or students with “equal status” (e.g. residency in the member country)
  • Students from CEEPUS network universities
  • Students of Bachelor, Master and PhD
  • Students who finished at least 2 semesters of a regular course of studies by the time they are being exchanged
  • Students from network universities (winter semester and summer semester) or freemovers (summer semester)

Students can arrive to UCT Prague for a traineeship or to study courses.

Bachelor and Master students can apply for exchange stay of 3-10 months. Shorter exchange stays are only allowed for students working on their thesis. The students can get scholarship for maximum 10 months per cycle.

Application process

To study at UCT Prague with CEEPUS grant, you should apply both for CEEPUS scholarship and to UCT Prague.

  • Contact your home university and your National CEEPUS Office to find out about the application process for the scholarship
  • Find a supervisor at UCT Prague for your traineeship OR Ask your university to nominate you for a semester of study stay (courses)
  • Submit application documents to UCT Prague either STUDY STAY or TRAINEESHIP according to the type of mobility you planning to do


CEEPUS deadlines:

Winter semester: June 15th

Summer semester: October 31st

Summer semester – Freemover: November 30th

UCT Prague deadlines:

Winter semester or whole academic year: June 30th

Summer semester: November 30th

In case of traineeships the deadlines can be moved upon agreement.

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