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Before leaving (incoming exchanges)

  Moving Out

If You Live in a Residence Hall

You are asked to announce your departure date to the Accommodation Office and Department of International Relations one month in advance and familiarise yourself with the residence moving out instructions. Please check that you paid your rent or other housing-related bills as well.


Transcript of Records

It is each student's responsibility to make sure that all the grades are filled in the Study Information System (SIS). Once you finish all exams and collect all grades, inform the Department of International Relations and your Transcript of Records will be issued. 


Certificate of Attendance

No more than three days before your departure, you will be given a Certificate of Attendance (i.e. Departure Confirmation) which you will need to present at your home university. If your university has its own form, please take the prefilled form with you to confirm.

 It is important to inform the Department of International Relations about your EXACT date of your departure.

You can also use our form, please fill it in and bring it prited to the Department of International Relations. 


The start date of the study period is the first day the student needs to be present at the host institution and not the date of arrival (the first day can be also the student accesses activities, for example, enrolment, welcoming events, language and intercultural courses organised by the host institution).

The end date of the study period is the last day the student has been present at the host institution and not the date of departure ( the last day can be also the student accesses activities, for example the end of the exam period, courses or mandatory attendance period).


Project Evaluation

If you worked on a project / did an internship within your Erasmus stay, please first ask your UCT Prague supervisor to fill your Project Evaluation form and then bring the signed original to our office.


UCT Card

Remember to check the balance on your UCT Card and, if you still have funds available, remember to collect them at the respective office. 


Close your Bank Account

Close your bank account before leaving the Czech Republic sufficiently in advance before your departure. Ask about conditions at your bank.


ChemTK Library

Make sure you have returned all books or other items you've checked out from ChemTK.

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