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PhD student short-term mobility

Do you have a chance to travel abroad for a shorter stay than a regular traineeship?

Have you seen an engaging WORKSHOP or Summer (Winter) school? UCT Prague supports its PhD students with MOBI funds on their travel either within Europe or out of Europe. If you decide to apply for such a scholarship, please follow the instructions on this webpage, where you can learn how to apply and the necessary documents to prepare.  

When is the best time to apply?

Doctoral students have more options than other students. There are 4 calls a year. For more details please see Infobox

January - additional call

March - main call (here we prefer to gather most of the applications for the recent calendar year) 

May - additional call

October - additional call

Who can apply?

  • Doctoral student
  • all forms of study
  • student must be enrolled at UCT for the whole period of the traineeship. 
  • no limitations in citizenship but must be enrolled into an accredited study program at UCT
  • your traineeship must be approved by your supervisor

How often per year?

NEW: Doctoral students are allowed to apply for Short-term mobility scholarships and Conference applications only once per study cycle for each mobility. 

How about money?

The MOBI scholarship differs from the length of stay and the destination (in/out of Europe). For more information please see the Scholarship page. 

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