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Conference MOBI Program

Planning to attend a conference?

To gain an additional finnancial support for attending a conference you may apply for MOBI schollarship.

Who can apply?

  • Magister/Doctoral student
  • all forms of study
  • student must be enroled at UCT for the whole time period of traineeship. 
  • no limitations in citizenship but must be enroled to acredited study program at UCT

How often?

The MOBI conference schollarship is limitted to one trip per calendar year.

How to apply? 

Fill in the Application Form  and send it to Department of International relations via this Form.

When to apply?

More information about open calls and deadlines for assessing your Applications are in Schedule box. 

How about money?

If your application is accepted and approved (via e-mail from Department of Int. Relations), you will be asked to sign Finnancial Agreement and Schollarship Decree (both prepared for you) not later than week before departure.

The schollarschip is not subject to any expenses declaration, but in case you cover your costs by applying for International Travel Business Trip (paid by your faculty or institution), this MOBI scholarship is part of it's account. 

In 2022/20223 academic year the Schollarship is 5000 CZK within Europe and 8000 CZK out of Europe. FOr more information about MOBI schollarship look here.

What to do after arrival?

When back home, bring us the Confirmation of Stay in ORIGINAL form (kindly ask to issue this or any simmilar document on the spot before leaving the conference).

Updated: 8.12.2022 14:13, Author: Lenka Polanská


Application deadline for conferences with departure no later than 03/2023:


Application deadline for conferences with departure after 03/2023:



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