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12 - 19.11.2022 

Another possibility to apply for Athens Week program to spent 7- day intensive course in Europe! For more deadlines regarding the application process please see Schedule box.

Who can join?

Available for students of 3rd year of study and higher [Be aware - some courses might have higher minimum!]. After submitting the application, selection will takes place, where the study results, previous international schollarships and activities will be taken into consideration. Also the previous participation will be taken into account. 

How about the money?

There is scholarship paid by UCT, amount varies by the destination.

What are the available courses?

List of available courses for Autumn 2022 can be found here. 

How should I apply?

Where should I apply?

APPLICATION to Paris central Office

Print the Application form in .pdf and let it be signed by vice-dean for education of your faculty (in case of School of Business students it is doc. Vlachý) and by you at the Student Comittment part. 

Important!!! To finish succesfull Application also at UCT Prague you MUST fill in the registration form and enclose scan of above described document from Application part here: 


Where can I learn more?

Are there any selection criteria?

Yes. Due to the interest exceeding the number of participants that UCT can support to join, we have to apply certain selection criteria. First of all, we do prioritize students who have not joined the ATHENS programme yet and than we line up applicants according to their sutdy results.  The number of participants we can support to join is 30. 

What are my duties before travel?

The scholarship is paid based on signed Financial Agreement. You are obliged to arrange Travel insurance including the trip cancellation for medical reason. In case you will not be able to travel and participate on course, you are obliged to return whole scholarship to the UCT.  

What are my duties after return?

In short, when selected, your participation in the course is obligatory. No later than 14 days after your aarrival you must provide this documents to the Department of International Relations via this FORM:

  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Final Report
  3. A4 POSTER (tips how such a poster should look find out here).

After succesful participation you receive 2 ECTS.

Updated: 11.11.2022 11:06, Author: Lenka Polanská


Athens week:

12/11/2022 - 19/11/2022

Application opens:


Application deadline:


Output from 1st round of selection process at UCT:


Output from 2nd round of selection - courses assignation:



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