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FAQ (incoming)

1. May I participate in Erasmus+ programme if I study in a non-EU country?

The Erasmus+ programme is designed for students studying in a Programme Country.*

Program Countries in the European Union



Czech Republic

























United Kingdom

Non-EU Programme Countries

Republic of North Macedonia






*Source: Erasmus + Programme Guide, European Commission, Version 2 (2019),

Note: Students might be able to conduct an Erasmus+ exchange at UCT Prague if their home university has signed a bilateral agreement with UCT Prague. Please ask your home university's Erasmus+ coordinator for details.


2. What is the tuition fee for Erasmus+ exchange? 

As an Erasmus+ student, your tuition fee is waived. You do not have to pay any tuition fee to UCT Prague.


3. What is the language of instruction for Erasmus+ students?

All courses listed in the Erasmus+ course catalogues are taught in English.


4. Do I need English Language Certification with my Erasmus+ application?

Yes, all Erasmus+ applicants are obliged, as part of their application, to provide a confirmation to the Department of International Relations. It must confirm their English level that corresponds with minimum B1 level (CEFR)


5. What if I am not sure my language qualifications will be recorgnised? 

Please contact the Department of International Relations.


6. How many credits should I take?

 As an Erasmus+ student, you are required to obtain min. 20 ECTS/ semester.


7. What courses can I choose? 

Undergraduate Students (Bachelor´s degree)

You can opt for courses designed for undergraduate students in the Course Catalogue. 

Graduate Students (Master´s degree)

You can choose courses from both the undergraduate and graduate level in the Course Catalogue. 

However, please note that if you combine undergraduate and graduate courses some subjects might overlap in your schedule,  and thus Learning Agreement changes will be required.


8. I am an undergraduate student; can I enroll in graduate courses?

Only exceptionally, with previous permission from the Department of International Relations.

Graduate (Master-level) courses assume certain previous knowledge of subjects described in the syllabus of individual courses, under the title, Entry Requirements. Please read the syllabus of your chosen courses carefully.


9. If I am an applicant for the Erasmus+ study programme, may I also choose courses which are not listed in Erasmus+ course catalogues?

Yes, but only if you have a good command of Czech, because this is the language of instruction for courses beyond the Erasmus+ course catalogues.

Please discuss your request for courses in Czech with the Department of International Relations in advance.


10. I would like to do internship/work on a final project at the UCT Prague. What is the procedure?

First, it is important to send us your:

  • Motivation letter including your area of interest/topic of your research/laboratory experience/scientific background
  • CV
  • Transcript of Records (academic results from your previous university studies)

We can then start to search for your supervisor.  Please check how to apply for the internship here.

Note: Internship might be done within the Erasmus+ programme or within any other programme at the applicant's home university.

Will I receive financial support for my internship from the UCT Prague?

No, UCT Prague does not provide any financial aid to interns.


11. Are originals of my application forms requested?

All documents will be submitted by e-mail, therefore no original forms are necessary. Only Double degree students might be asked to bring officially approved copies or originals of their application documents.


12. I have submitted my application, when should I receive the decision? 

Application decisions are made only with complete applications, usually within four weeks of applying. Applications that are not complete or do not provide all the required documents / information will be delayed.


13. I have been accepted for Erasmus+/internship at UCT Prague. When should I arrive?

All Erasmus+ students are expected to arrive in Prague for the start of the Orientation Week, which is an excellent opportunity to get important information about studies at UCT Prague (Enrollment Day) and it is also a pleasant introduction to life in Prague.

Please see the Academic Calendar to learn when the Orientation Week starts.

Interns arrival and start of their internship depends on their previous agreement with their UCT Prague supervisor.


14. I have been admitted, but I cannot participate in Enrollment Day and start my studies on time. What can I do?

Please inform the Department of International Relations sufficiently in advance explaining the reason for your delayed arrival.

Having missed Enrollment Day, your official enrolment will be completed individually after your arrival at UCT Prague upon agreement with the Department of International Relations.

UCT Prague might excuse your absence in classes for max. of 14 days after the semester starts.


15. When is the Orientation Week? When do classes start? When are exams over? When are vacations?

Please see UCT Prague's Academic Calendar for the necessary dates.

Note: Orientation Week normally starts one week before the beginning of the academic year.


16. I am an applicant from a Non-EU country and need a visa. What is the procedure?

First, consult the official website of the respective Czech Embassy/Consulate in your country to see documents required for your visa application.

Then, complete the UCT Prague study application forms as requested on our website and in the application e-mail that you will receive from the Department of International Relations. Remember to send us an e-mail with a copy of your passport and name of the city in which you will submit your visa application.

If your study application is accepted, UCT Prague will issue a confirmation of studies and confirmation of accommodation for you (in the Czech language). You will need originals of these confirmations. Sending them by postal mail might take some time, so the sooner you provide us with your complete application forms, the sooner you will receive documents necessary for your visa application at the Embassy/Consulate.


17. Will I get accommodation at the University?

Erasmus+ students can apply for student accommodation in the UCT Prague Halls of Residence, which so far has managed to offer accommodation to all UCT Prague international students applying to date.

The Application for Accommodation should be sent to the Halls of Residence accommodation office ( by the given application deadline.

Note: UCT Prague Halls of Residence offer accommodation for international students only in double rooms. More info.


18. I have submitted my application for accommodation. When will I learn if my accomodation application has been accepted? 

Halls of Residence accommodation office will notify you by email approximately 14 days before your arrival, informing you in which residence you will be staying.


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