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Traineeship abroad

 ◳ Eramus+ (jpg) → (šířka 450px)

Erasmus + is a mobility programme  that promotes international cooperation between universities, students and teachers. It support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions,and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

Thinking about traineeship abroad?

UCT Prague offers a lot of possibilities. Have a look at student experience and start your planning according to the guidance provided here. Get ready for your desired stay abroad and learn more about the necessary administration.

Who can join?

  • Magister/Doctoral student (Exeptionally Bachleor student)
  • all forms of study
  • student must be enroled at UCT for the whole time period of traineeship. 
  • no limitations in citizenship but must be enroled to acredited study program at UCT
  • finished at least one year of study at the time of departure (application could be sent earlier)
  • study average no worse than 2,00 (for Magister students only, average counted from all years of study)

Where to go?

To the UCT partner institution (list availiable here) or any company of your choice worldwide, dealing with reasearch or applied science in line with your study or research. 

How long for?

The traineeship has to be between 2 - 12 month long. Stay abroad that differs from this lenght will be assessed individually and approved only in well-founded cases.

How about money ?

Your scholarship funding will be provided in EUR. In order not to loose many from money transfer - get yourself EUR account. The received finnacial support differs from destination and length of the stay.

How much?

Erasmus Student Charter

Updated: 16.1.2023 11:08, Author: Lenka Polanská


Application deadline for ALL STUDENTS intending to go for traineeship departing since April 2023:


Selection interview - to be specified (according to faculties) via e-mail:

13/03/2023 - 24/03/2023


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